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PG LPRS (License Plate Recognition System)

LPRS System In Action

Petek Group LPRS system is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates. It can use existing closed-circuit television, road-rule enforcement cameras, or cameras specifically designed for the task.

  • Powerful & user friendly responsive web interface
  • Easy to installation and administration
  • Ability to support normal security IP cameras for LPR and also beside LPR functionality
License Plate Recognition
  • Accuracy rate up to 100%
  • Recognize square and rectangular plates
  • Software and hardware optimization & tuning
  • Integration with Skidata Parking logic and most of other popular parking systems
  • Recognition time from 15 Ms
  • Support vecihle speed up to 180 Km/h
  • Offline Maintenance & Online cloud services
  • Responsive Web user interface
  • Recognize more than 90 countries license plates
  • Supported countries: Arnavutluk (AL), Cezayir (DZ), Arjantin (AR), Avustralya (AU), Avusturya (AT), Azerbaycan (AZ), Bahreyn (BH), Belarus(BY), Belçika (BE), Bolivya (BO), Bosna Hersek (BA), Brazilya (BR), Brunei (BN), Bulgaristan (BG), Kanada (CA), Şili (CL), Kolombiya (CO), Kongo (CG, CD), Kosta Rika(CR), Hırvatistan (HR), Çek Cumhuriyeti (CZ), Küba (CU), Danimarka (DK), Mısır(EG), Estonya (EE), Ekvador (EC), Finlandiya (FN), Fransa (FR), Almanya (DE), Gürcistan (GE), Gana (GH), Yunanistan (GR), Guatemala (GT), Guernsey (GG), Hong Kong (HK),Macaristan (HU), Hindistan (IN), Endonezya (ID), İran (IR), İrlanda (IE), Man Adası (IM), İsrail (IL), İtalya (IT), Jersey (JE), Ürdün (JO), Kazakistan (KZ), Kuzey Kore (KP),Güney Kore (KR), Kuveyt (KW), Letonya (LV), Lübnan (LB), Litvanya (LT), Luksemburg (LU), Makedonya (MK), Malezya (MY), Meksika (MX), Moldova (MD), Monako (MC), Yeni Zelanda (NZ), Hollanda (NL), Nijerya (NG), Norveç (NO), Pakistan (PK), Paraguay (PY), Peru (PE), Filipinler (PH), Polonya (PL), Portekiz (PT), Katar (QA), Romanya (RO), Rusya (RU), Suudi Arabistan (SA), Sırbistan(RS), Singapur (SG), Slovakya (SK), Slovenya (SL), Güney Afrika (ZA), İspanya (ES), İsveç (SE), İsviçre (CH), Tayvan (TW), Tanzanya (TZ), Tunus (TN), Türkiye (TR), Ukrayna (UA), İngiltere (GB), ABD (US), Uruguay (UY), Venezuela (VE), Vietnam (VN)
  • Skidata Parking Logic and Skidata Barriers full integration
  • abel to report a plate to third party systems like Polis


Parking Management Systems
Barrier Gate
Keytag Reader

SKIDATA AG is an Austrian company and is ranked among the worldwide leading providers of access solutions and visitor management. Almost 10.000 SKIDATA systems guarantee quick and secure access for people and vehicles in: ski regions, shopping centers, major airports, cities, sport stadiums, fair and amusement parks.

SKIDATA offers turnkey solutions from a single source:

  • Access and visitor management
  • System controlling
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Cost control
  • Administration
  • Services
The foundation of SKIDATA’s success is on the one hand based on the more than 1,000 dedicated and skilled employees and the clear focus on research and development. On the other hand, the company stands for responsibility and sustainability and benefits from the global network of the Swiss Kudelski Group. SKIDATA and its 23 subsidiaries and countless partners are present in over 90 countries.


You can already accelerate at the entry, because entrance and parking space are the business cards of your company! Give your car park its own, unique touch with the completely new design of the Barrier.Gate and score with the most modern functions! Choose between standard booms – up to 4.5m long – or jointed barrier arms that can be illuminated from the inside. And more: Facilitate orientation for your customers by displaying various symbols using the integrated track lights.


Sales and pre-sales have never been easier. Purchase tickets and pay for parking with cash or credit card. The pay on foot machines support RFID or barcode requirements. Meanwhile, maximize security of cash in the payment machines with our Webkey solution.

Internet-Services Skidata online, constantly increasing productivity, reduce costs and provide added value to the business in the form of higher incomes directly. With seamless access to resources and software services with online data and applications can be moved independent of time or place.

Vario.Gate: The latest generation of Vario.Gate turnstiles and access readers makes people access control easy, flexible and fast. Regardless of ticket or type of data carrier – the Vario.Gate turnstile checks every barcode ticket and every RFID access card for access permission via one single scanning point.

Freemotion.Gate: It is a ski pass reader with a turnstile measurably increases efficiency at lifts and gondolas due to its extremely fast scanning performance of ski tickets. In addition, thanks to clever innovation and reliable functionality, the Freemotion.Gate offers more comfort, safety and protection against ticket abuse.

Easy.Gate : Scores with fast access and cost-effective installation and service! Ideal starter unit for access area or as add-on for Freemotion scanners.



Globally, provides park and transit systems. Expertise in giving solutions for multiple parkmeter, mobile phone payment, ticket vending machine, fee collection devices and verification fee devices.

Strada PAL

  • Combines ergonomics, robustness and customization capabilities
  • Designed for Parkeon Cloud System
  • Full Option on solar power
  • Friendly user graphical interface
  • Support of any innovative communication policy
  • Proven Security
  • Effective cost


  • A technological revolution
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Multi-service supports from parking place by color screen
  • Driven by solar energy


  • Efficient and cost-effective collection of money
  • Provide high quality and compatible services
  • Speed-efficient-control
  • Maximization and protection of investment
  • Income increase
  • Work through one system
  • Reduction of operating expenses
  • Optimization of the service time



Commend provides communication and security applications specifically designed to meet the requirement of hospitals and clinics, schools and universities, nurseries, social facilities, nursing homes, rest homes and the organization of the programmes

  • Security and Communication Solutions
  • Security and Emergency
  • Industry and Trade
  • Car Parking Systems
  • Health and Education
  • Transportation and infrastcructure
Easy integration with other systems (Fire alarm, CCTV, BMS, Anti-theft systems)
Central control system is used for control and monitoring functions with graphical user interfaces, speech, video.
Emergency call system is associated with speech, data and video transmission. It provides absolute security.
Commend Intercom terminals provide communication between car parking users and the operator

Just push a help button

Commend provides communication and security applications specifically designed to meet the requirement of hospitals and clinics, schools / universities, nurseries, social facilities, nursing homes, rest homes and the organization of the programmes.

Communication saves your life

The control board systems, allows granting the right support to security teams to rapidly assess the situation quickly, to communicate with all relevant emergency services and those who needs help.

UVI Scan

User Interface Video

Proven Security Technologies

High security is a necessity in military buildings, government buildings and private companies all over the world. UVIScan provides rapid danger detection.With its own security measures, UVIScan provides protection from terrorism, crime, theft and vandalism dangers.

Under Vehicle Inspection System:

UviScan systems give perfect solutions for digital scanning, controlling of vehicles beneath. With the stationary or mobile solutions, it helps to search guns, drugs and explosives in high quality and productivity.

UVIScan Mobile version:

  • Special events, in places with high levels of security is ideal for temporary applications for temporary research.
  • Flexible in installation and application.
  • Quick montage and demontage, easy transportation
  • Used with aluminum ramps and very resistant rubber pads
  • Made for vehicles in the weight class

UVIScan Stationary version:

  • Ideal system for fixed installations on the road
  • Provides continuous control of all vehicles which comes from opposite side.
  • Easy installation and friendly user
  • Made for vehicles in the weight class


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Video - 2


Vario Gate


Video - 1
Video - 2

Since 1974, Gotschlich has been the only manufacturer of turnstiles and security gates in Austria.Practically all systems and devices are designed by Gotschlich, a company that due to its long-standing experience and expertise in security technology counts among the leading suppliers in Europe.

Effective safety and control systems
Paid access
Compact design, high traffic of human circulation, monitoring internal and external
access points, high architectural standards. (saloon, museum, pools resting facilities, office buildng facilities)
Portals and vertical turnstiles
Flap gates barriers
Take a step closer to safety
Two and tripod turnstiles



With 50 years of experience of turnstiles production in Turkey, developed in its own R&D department, Tansa offers security needs of its customers. Tansa, with in-house experienced technical service staff and engineers, support and service quality in pre and post-sales, provides customer satisfaction through offering the highest level in the foreground.

Tripod Turnstiles :Turnstiles were produced and designed in accordance with the internal and external spaces and can be used in different structures. They are used practically and safely in Companies’ headquarters, plazas, factories, schools/universities, gyms, housing projects, internal part of the transition in companies.

Fast Access Turnstiles: are designed to be used in rapid and intense visitor-staff inputs such as banks and big companies where the forefront of luxury and prestige.

Swing Gate Turnstiles with engine : Turnstiles were produced and designed in accordance with
the internal and external spaces. Turnstiles allows to the free access during electricity cuts.
Vertical Turnstiles: Turnstiles were produced and designed in accordance with the internal and external spaces and the areas, such as stadiums, prisons, car parkings that requires high security and controlled access.


Home Automation System
Flood Sensor
Wall Plug
Motion Sensor

With one touch…
Comfort, Cost Saving, Security and Prestige
Whether is in your home… Whether is in your office…
Fibaro Smart House and Office Systems, has a quick installations due to its wireless and does not require modification. You can easily change products from your house to your office as they are portable. Easy integrated with your mobile phone, tablet and PC, you can easily control and manage the system.

Indigo Vision