Our Mission

To provide quality and conceptual solutions in the field of ICT for the markets of Europe, Russia, Central Asia. With the offices in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan we provide customers with according on time, professional support and training. Petek Group specialized “in the field of information communication with the quality and customer responsive solutions and number of research and developments”.
The company, founded in 2004 provides fast and high quality services to its customers.
Petek Group provides engineering, project concept and deep work on project documentation analyses and recommendations. With the group professionals Petek Group able to provide project with all necessary steps and project management evaluation. Experience of past successful projects allows us to provide solid steps in various and promising projects to come up with unique and successful solutions to meet project needs.
Since 2004, our company possess experience in system analyses, design and development of software applications in such fields as parking systems, access control systems, reservation systems and security systems of major projects of private and state organizations.
Petek Group applies dynamic and modern technologies to be implemented in the most complex projects in order to deliver quality and end user satisfaction. We achieve this with our experienced with many years partners such as Skidata, Parkeon, Gotschlich, UVIscan, Commend, Versor, Tansa, Indigovision, Fibaro etc..

Petek Group

We have initiated green research and development to deliver products with recycled materials and 100% green energy source. It is essential for us to bring latest technologies to the doors of end users and keep our home Planet green and clean.