Proven Security Technologies

High security is a necessity in military buildings, government buildings and private companies all over the world. UVIScan provides rapid danger detection.With its own security measures, UVIScan provides protection from terrorism, crime, theft and vandalism dangers.

Under Vehicle Inspection System:

UviScan systems give perfect solutions for digital scanning, controlling of vehicles beneath. With the stationary or mobile solutions, it helps to search guns, drugs and explosives in high quality and productivity.

UVIScan Mobile version:

  • Special events, in places with high levels of security is ideal for temporary applications for temporary research.
  • Flexible in installation and application.
  • Quick montage and demontage, easy transportation
  • Used with aluminum ramps and very resistant rubber pads
  • Made for vehicles in the weight class

UVIScan Stationary version:

  • Ideal system for fixed installations on the road
  • Provides continuous control of all vehicles which comes from opposite side.
  • Easy installation and friendly user
  • Made for vehicles in the weight class

User Interface Video